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Friday, November 25, 2005

Misplaced anger plagues the liberal camp

While the liberal camp spins and blows smoke to create the appearance of a habitually lying administration in order to blast Bush with their anger, there is one event after another they pass by. The liberal camp will ONLY bestow anger when they think it will lead them to more political power, while they ignore things that deserve anger because it does not line up with their goals for more power.

I have linked to a story should fill all with rage at the terrorist insurgents in Iraq. Apparantly our soldiers pass out dolls to the Iraqi children as gestures of good will. The terrorists have taken some of these dolls and filled them with explosives. What perverted sub-human animal would target children to blow up by such means? The story states:

"The Iraqi army said on Thursday it had seized a number of booby-trapped children's dolls, accusing insurgents of using the explosive-filled toys to target children. ... This is the same type of doll as that handed out on several occasions by US soldiers to children," said government spokesperson Leith Kubba."
Where is the anger and outrage? The liberals have no response but to try and understand why these savages do what they do. They talk about how a foreign occupation in our hometown would make us do things we normally would not do and claim we don't understand them. If a foreign occupation happened in my hometown, regardless of the circumstances I would not react by targeting innocent children to blow up.

It does not matter what anyone other than a US GOP politician does, no anger is generated. Neither the beheadings in Iraq, the car bombings and roadside bombs, the explosions in Bali, the wedding bombings in Jordan, nor any other terrorist inflicted tragedy garner the outrage they deserve.

Anger against Zarqawi and his ilk is budding in the middle east, and if the world body joined in outrage against such actions it would go a long way in demoralizing the terrorist camp. Yet the liberal camp and the media strings they control have no time in the news cycle to generate such anger. Instead they dredge up the tired old story of Cindy Sheehan once again nagging Crawford, TX. with her presence. Basically it boils down to the formula the media has carefully crafted the last few years prevent them from going down this road. They know that anger at Zarqawi is not far from sympathy with the Bush resolve to defeat them.


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