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Monday, December 26, 2005

The news cycle filter

It is amazing how the Iraq elections, great economic news or any other news that may reflect positively on Bush or conservatism in general is lucky to get one day's news cycle. They print it or mention it to keep from being accused of the bias they practice, but drop it at the first possible moment.

Then you have a story four days after the strike in New York talking about Mayor Bloomberg's use of the word "thuggishly" to describe the NY Transit union's behavior. Four days later!!! It would take a lot of time, but I have a few ideas for websites that would be very useful. One would be based on events and who / how long stories are posted based on that event. Another would be based on author. In news outlets like AP, you have multiple authors that write the stories. It would be great to see who wrote what to show clear bias trends by author.

For the record, I applaud Bloomberg's use of a derivative of the word "Thug" to describe a union. I have been a union member during a strike (shortly before I launched my current career) and I have had other exposures to unions since and believe me the word "Thug" is the most appropriate word I know to describe them. I think unions were started for good reasons, and they can still have a good purpose. However, they insist by their actions to be very self-destructive. I think the teacher's unions are the bane of the United States, and the biggest reason for the poor performance in our education system. Perhaps four days of news coverage of union thuggishness might have value, but of Bloomberg's use of the word thuggish? No way.


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