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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Drudge exposes Alito hit plot and Dems drop witness

Yesterday and continuing today Drudge reports of the Dems plot to attack Supreme Court nominee Alito. Basically, Alito in college had joined a group called Concerned Alumni of Princeton (CAP) "as a protest over Princeton policy that would not allow the ROTC on campus". Though the Drudge report is not clear of the timing between Alito's membership and writings in the groups paper, there are apparently some writing that exist that have racial and sexist overtones. Alito had no part in these writings, but since facts do not matter to liberals, Drudge reports they plan to apply these statements to Alito by association. Drudge reports:
' One Democrat Hill staffer involved in their strategy declared, “Put a fork in Scalito. It doesn’t matter that Alito didn’t write it, it doesn’t matter that Alito wasn’t that active in the group, Foote wrote it in CAP’s magazine and we are going to make Alito own it.” '
"It doesn't matter that Alito didn't write it...we are going to make Alito own it." Sounds like some school boy fighting over marbles on the playground to me. Drudge further shows that they planned to call Stephen Dujack, a freelance journalist and longtime critic of CAP to testify at Alito's hearings. Drudge shows that Dujack is not free from baggage, nor objective stating:
"Dujack penned an op-ed in 2003 that compared farm animals to Holocaust victims and gave money to the Kerry presidential campaign."
Drudge has further details I will not show here, but basically we can lump this in with other known facts surrounding the Dems and the Alito nomination to see that the Dems have no legitamate issue with Alito other than they want an activist liberal on the bench instead of a conservative constitutionalist. Recent reports show a plan to delay voting on Alito by one week, but that they were not planning to filibuster him. Merely stating this does not mean they aren't, of course. In all likelihood, this extra week gives radical opposition groups more time to play hit adds using funds they have gathered for just this purpose. They also are hoping that some heated moments may arise that they can latch onto as an excuse to twist the arms of the Dem 7 of the "gang of 14" to join a filibuster.

Now the day after Drudge's report FOX News is reporting that the Dems have dropped this Dujack from their witness list. The Fox report states:
"Dujack confirmed to late Friday that he was no longer testifying, but said he could not elaborate."
No reason has been obtained for his removal despite attempts to contact the offices of Kennedy and Leahy. I would guess that either Dujack caved under the first piece put out about him by Drudge, or that the Dems saw that such a radical as Dujack would end up helping Alito and making them look bad. After all bringing a witness to make Alito guilty by association, would end up making the Dems guilty by association for bringing Dujack to testify. Amazing how things work when rules are applied equally to all.


  • At 10:47 PM, Blogger Priest said…

    The strategy, if you want to call it that by those opposing Alito, is weak. It's so weak I call it "The CAP Strategy Against Alito is a Byrd CAP Strategy"

    On the issue that they attack, Alito seems very progressive based on his stewardship of the "Boundaries of Privacy in American Society" task force. Things must be looking mighty bad in the anti-Alito camp for this to be their strategy. It looks for all I can tell to be an effort to Bork him from within the republican party like Meirs. That's not going to happen, and it is telling of just how weak the argument against Alito is from those who oppose and are organized against his nomination..............................

  • At 12:41 AM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    priest, thanks for posting. I hope the opposition in this is as weak as we think. The fact is that any Dem victory at this point is always because of GOP weakness.

    Thanks for posting your link on the subject. I read through it and you had some good points. I'll check back for more.


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