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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

How would the media and world react to Sharon's death?

The media and the world went ga gaa over terrorist father Arafat as he was dying and after his death. If Ariel Sharon dies from his recent stroke, will he be treated as well or even half as well? Look for an overemphasis of claims of misdeeds during his war years. My prediction is that you will hear the word "atone" quite a bit. The only thing good a liberal media will see in Sharon is the land givebacks. Even, then they must spin it negatively; hence they will question whether this "atones" for any misdeeds of his youth. They may even use the word "atrocity". While Arafat went out a media and world "darling", look for last words on Sharon to be reluctantly put out and to quickly move on.


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