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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Kiwis pioneer citizenship limitations

The Galvin Opinion posts on New Zealand voting to end citizen rights by birth. As in the US, any baby that was born in NZ automatically had the right to become a citizen. The new law requires that at least one parent be a citizen. Lately there have been stirrings in the US of passing similar legislation. Current law allows the system to be used to give birth to a citizen, which automatically yields a "foot in the door" for the parents who are not yet citizens.

Galvin also wonders if not passed by US Congress, '...will liberal justices like Breyer and Ginsburg cite New Zealand's "good" foreign law? '

Excellent question! This is a great slapdown to the liberals who think activist judges citing foreign laws they agree with is just fine and dandy. How will they react to a foreign law they would despise?


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