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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Media treatment of non-christian religion different

While I read this article (yes, AP) about Muslims trashing a liquor store because of their religious beliefs against liquor, I was amazed at how the story was handled. I have seen stories of Christians that break the law to heavy-handedly force their beliefs on others and they (rightfully so) were cast in quite a bad light. Yet in this story I am hard pressed to find 1 single solitary facet that casts aspersion on the vandals. The one sentence that describes their actions has the word "terrifying" in it. If left by itself one might expect a pro-Muslim group of calling them terrorists, here but the sentence ends in a mitigating almost promotion of the criminals by adding "...but stealing nothing".
In fact the rest of the story works very hard to promote this group and render an apology for their actions. Other quotes from the story:
"They weren't your ordinary thugs. Dressed in bow ties and dark suits..."
"The[sic] just wanted to leave a message: Stop selling alcohol to fellow Muslims."
"But she also said the vandalism has prompted discussions throughout the black community."
If the story is not promoting the vandals, it goes on to describe both sides so they can be understood. The media never seems to be interested in "understanding" Christians. Distorting, yes, but not understanding. As you read this, you almost feel the underlying tone of "I am really sorry I have to report a crime by Muslims, but I understand you and will help others to understand you."


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