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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Merkel has a funny way of reaching out

When Merkel booted out Schroeder in the recent election I thought it might be a step in the right direction. When there was talk of focusing on improving relations between Germany and the US, I thought this was a confirmation things were going in the right direction. Today we see that they might as well have kept Schroeder in. In the Reuters story I have linked to:
"German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in an interview published days before her first visit to the United States, said Washington should close its Guantanamo Bay prison camp and find other ways of dealing with terror suspects."
I think several things when I read that. First, why do foreign governments think they have to denounce our policies before visiting us. Next time you visit Aunt Petunia, write an open letter to her and the rest of your family criticizing Aunt Petunia's decorations and the condition of her home. I am sure she will then welcome you with open arms. For all thy hype about Europeans being more civilized than the US, they could sure use some lessons in etiquette.

Second, her predecessor has already sent quite a lot of US criticism our way. If Merkel intends to improve relations between us, perhaps it is time to use a new tactic.

Finally, while I had hoped she was more conservative; it appears she is yet another lib. Only a lib would make such a fool of herself as to spew out such criticism with no ideas of replacement to address her concern. She denounces Guantanamo and says we need to deal with terror suspects in "other ways". What ways might that be madame? Oh, you don't have any ideas, just criticism. When a leader stands up against criticism and says we are handling the situation in the best way we know and explains why in great detail, don't make a fool of yourself and stand up and say it is wrong without an alternate solution. You simply come across as pandering to the elite.

My suggestion to Ms. Merkel is that Germany has quite a number of problems of its own that need attention. Perhaps she should forego her critical trip here in order to focus on her own problems.


  • At 7:45 AM, Blogger LASunsett said…

    When they let the Hezbollah thug go, that's when I knew that this was going to be business as usual, with Germany.

    She wants to get her agenda into the media (in both countries) to lay the groundwork of public opinion. Sometimes politics is nothing more than a sales campaign.

    She has a large socialist base to pander to, now that she has created a government with them. If she could have garnered enough support from the other conservative party (which is the more conservative between the two), she could have had more freedom to handle things differently.

    In essence, she sold her soul. She sold out her message in exchange for power. And, that allowed her message to get neutralized by the left.

  • At 10:27 AM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    At the time I gave her the benefit of the doubt, now I am pretty sure she was involved.

    Amazing how non-existent world criticism was of that release. I wonder how critical the world would be if we released Saddam. Probably not very. The Selective Outrage Syndrome (SOS) is alive and well around the globe.

    If she sold her soul for power, I am sure she will not be satisfied with the results. If she wants to do x and only has the power to do y, doing y is not an exercise in power; it is a sham to convince yourself you are satisfied with y even if you were at one time against it.


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