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Friday, January 27, 2006

Warning-media inconsistency heading our way

An interesting book has been written by a former Iraqi general Georges Sada named "Saddam's Secrets". Among other things discussed in the book, two major items are revealed: 1) Gen. Sada claims to have with his own eyes seen Osama Bin Laden in Iraq before 9/11. 2) He knows that before the war began the WMD were shipped to Syria.

Now I have no way of knowing if this guy is telling the truth or not and am not jumping on any bandwagon as if some slam-dunk has just been achieved. I would point to the obvious fact that he IS selling a book. So here is a guy that was in a high position in Iraq, in a position to have witnessed the things he claims and who is selling a book.

My main point is how has the media treated such people in the last few years? People like Richard Clark, James Risen and others who cast a bad light on George Bush. Well, they give them the superstar treatment and interview them as if the content of their books is gospel truth. How will Gen. Sada be treated? I am wondering if he will even get an interview by some of these media members like Katie Couric, etc. If he does get an interview, will they go gah gah over him like they did Richard Clark? Don't count on it.


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