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Friday, February 10, 2006

EU Union want to throw freedom of the press under the bus

The European Union is suggesting throwing freedom of the press under the bus in an effort to show violent Muslims they will cave under any pressure. This appeasement to the bone mentality is one of the most dangerous mindsets of our generation. The strategy they propose makes me think of a man handing over his daughter to a violent man that broke into their house to do what he wants with her and leave so nobody gets hurt. It is truly a disgusting show of cowardice.

The liberals of Europe are coming to a crossroads. Recent events are shoving their nose into the fact that Bush was absolutely right in his choices to deal with the threat of radical Islam. Not only is appeasement so deeply engrained into their souls and the concept of meeting a threat with strength appalling to them; they also face the distasteful prospect of admitting Bush was right after making fools of themselves. While some seem willing of late to step up to the plate and meet the challenge, here we have others choosing to dig in deeper.

What needs to be fully realized is that we have a very large group that has entrenched themselves in every key country in the world. This group continues to insist that they be given their way or they will react violently. Somehow the appeasers think that giving in this time, and the next, and the next will teach them to change their ways. Any rational person would know that rewarding bad behavior will encourage and propagate it. Would these same appeasers look down on a mother in the food store buying candy for their 3 year old to calm the child down after throwing a fit? Will the child eat the candy and think that in the future it would be better NOT to throw the fit. NO. Next one will be bigger and better than this one.

Now or later these violent actions must be stopped. Inaction will lead to more and more until many are enslaved. Strong action may lead to a global conflict, but freedom and the right to live without the threat of violence is worth any sacrifice.


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