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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hold your nose folks - Landrieu to challenge Nagin

When I read this one, the word that came to mind was "ripe". The Landrieu family under the famous patriarch "Moon" has held a lot of political power in Louisiana for some time. I think they sense that the chances are low that New Orleans will become "chocolate" again any time soon, and are closing in for a power grab. Moon's son Mitch may be challending Nagin to be the New Orlean's mayor. The current demographic challenges Nagin to keep in office and with a political machine already in place Mitch's chances could be nicknamed "the Big Easy".

It is interesting that sister Senator Mary Landrieu after Katrina threatened to "punch" whoever tried to blame state and local officials for the poor government response, as NewsMax reminds us. I wonder if she will punch Mitch when he calls Nagin for any shortcomings.

Perhaps this is not simply a Landrieu power play, after all. With Governor Blanco and Nagin in the hot seat, thousands of normally Democrat voters displaced to other states and Mary acting somewhat irrationally lately, the whole Louisiana Democrat machine could be in danger of an overthrow. Mitch's run in New Orleans could simply be a bid to shore up the Democrat position before future rough waters when Blanco runs for re-election.


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