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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

John Kerry has 10 million dollars to bloody Dem nominee

NewsMax is reminding us about John Kerry's war chest he carried over from the 2004 campaign that has expanded with contributions to over $10 million. You will recall that there was some anger out there that Kerry had not blown the whole wad trying to topple Bush. While post-election fundraising is well below what Hillary Clinton has accumulated, Kerry could add enough by 2008 to make things interesting.

There are two choices the Democrat hopefuls can make when running: run against Bush who is not up for re-election, or run against each other. Either option holds a lot of promise for plenty of entertainment. The best option, though, is to see the Dems bloody each other. I predict the GOP primary will be decided by Super Tuesday, but the Dems may stick it out much longer. While there may be multiple people running on the GOP ticket, I think it will be a pretty clear choice. The Dems, however, will provide a spectrum of options. The kook side of the Dems will be battling the centrist Dems. A long way off I know, but fun to think about.


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