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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Walmart rules Chicago drools

This is a very funny story that shows how the liberal's misguided loyalty to unions cost them big money. To make my position clear, I am not against the concept of unions. Unions were started by the Republican party for good reasons. It is the application of the union concept in the last few decades and the "thuggish" nature of unions that cause me to view them negatively. Fair wages and a good working environment is one thing. While parents everywhere try to raise their kids to stay in school and make the sacrifice of going to college, it seems unions want to reward bypassing those good choices in life. Unions have often pushed the level of wages and benefits for their workers well beyond what the company can afford. We have seen this in the Airlines and in Auto manufacturing. There is video of the union employees of Eastern Airlines cheering after they successfully "took the company down" and, oh yeah, lost their jobs in the process.

Chicago as in most large cities are rabidly pro-union. Recently they rejected allowing Walmart to build a store in city limits because of their non-union status. This week Walmart began taking applications for employment in a new store opening in Evergreen Park, IL within one mile of the Chicago city limits! For all of the rabid talk recently about how bad an employer Walmart is, this store received over 25,000 applications.

The best part is all the revenue that will be coming to this store from Chicago citizens and none of the taxes going to Chicago. Too bad, Mayor Daley, you missed your chance. Not only are you going to miss out on all that revenue, Walmart will pull revenue from stores within the city limit. Look for Chicago to retaliate by raising taxes, which will then force more people to cross over to Evergreen Park.


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