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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Generation Why says Governor Rendell dropped something

Generation Why has a post today that essentially says to PA. Governor Rendell "Oops, you dropped something". There is a bill coming before him that would require photo ID in elections. Rendell is threating to veto it using the usual pap according to this AP report:
He said people such as nursing home residents and poorer voters might not be able to meet the ID requirements.
Oops, that 'usual pap' is missing something. Gen. Why points out that Rendell is not talking about black being disenfranchised by the bill. He thinks it is because Rendell's opponent is black Republican Lynn Swan.

The subject of election fraud is so mishandled by liberals to the point of laughter. In the lefty blogosphere you read all of the time about how the manufacturer of the voting machines is a big GOP supporter and that they are the reason Republicans keep winning elections. (Keep thinking that). However, when it comes to a full and comprehensive approach to preventing voter fraud that includes a required photo ID, they suddenly go silent. The cost of the photo IDs is such a red herring. Realistically, how many of the poor they are concerned about having to cough up a few bucks for an ID have cable TV, smoke regularly, go to the movies and eat out regularly, play the lottery regularly and go to the bar regularly? However, if that is still a problem shut up and fund it if you have to. Cleaner elections are worth it.

Generation Why has a good post and links to a post from November 2004 about actually seeing voter fraud first hand. Check it out.


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