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Saturday, February 11, 2006

When perspective is lacking and motives askew

It was a hot summer day and the sheriff of smalltown USA was sitting and sipping lemonaid. Along comes a sports car driving through town over 100 mph. The car strikes one pedestrian after another, with the violent spree ending as the car plowed through a group of children. The sports car doesn't even put on the brakes, and drives off out of town. With a dozen bloody townspeople and children lying on the ground where they fell, the sheriff takes another sip of his lemonaid and picks up a newspaper to read. Later in the day a car fails to stop fully at a stop sign and the sheriff chases the car down in his squad car, calling his deputy on the radio for backup.

The following story was made up if you have not guessed. However, the point of the story is to show a graphic picture of the feminist movement. I vividly remember after the Taliban fell in Afganistan, a feminist being interviewed was wondering if the women there would finally have the right to an abortion.

Mallot's Blog has a post on the latest outrage in Sharia law, and how the feminist movement ignores suffering by women that those in our country could never comprehend. The latest outrage is about a 17 year old Iranian girl who accidentally killed a man defending herself and her niece from a group of attackers trying to rape them. The girl is to be hanged. Between Sharia law and honor killings, women suffer from murder, rape, injustice, shame and much more all of the time. We have read stories of women that were raped and either have been stoned for fornication or have been killed by a family member out of honor. There was even a story last year of a woman who was forced to marry her rapist. There is of course the barbaric practice of female "circumcision" that takes away any prospect of sexual pleasure; while the men continue to enjoy their side of things.

Where are the feminists on these issues that really have destructive significance? They are strangely absent. They spend all of their time, money and energy fighting so every woman has the right to take the life of an unborn all the way up until the moment before birth. When a child survives the abortion process and some want laws made to protect the children who are now born, they fight that. When those who realize abortion cannot be stopped, but at least want forms that cause great suffering like the "partial birth" abortion, again they fight that. While they fight for me to pay for their children's daycare through my taxes women are being stoned in other parts of the world for being raped.

When I mentioned motives, my point is that addressing suffering women around the world will do nothing to advance political power here. My claim is that they have little or no desire to actually help women anywhere. They simply want to advance their political power. So while they fight against rolling stops and jaywalkers, they yawn when the sports cars massacre innocent pedestrians.

Update: I found an interesting post on the Beautiful Atrocities blog about a woment in Egypt who lost a paternity suit in spite of the fact DNA testing showed the man was the father. So here we have Sharia law based on faith trumping science. Maybe now they will draw some ire from the liberal who are always freaking out over the science/faith issue. If they put half the vitriol into this as they do against Intelligent Design, we might see some changes.


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