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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Two members of Security Council show why UN is worthless

Earlier in the week Russia's Putin declared the he does not consider Hamas a terrorist organization and that he planned to dialogue with them. With Russia's bloody and oppressive past, this is not very shocking. Since Gorbachev's Peristroika the liberal media worked very hard to humanize the communist regime. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, they have taken this many steps forward to picture in positive ways they have not yet earned. Putin is always there to remind us of the iron fist lurking in the shadows. Where it was and still is a difficult thing to generate hatred for communism in a liberal, in Russia's new skin liberals cannot see as conservatives do that Putin longs for the old Soviet Union.

Russia is the first Security Council member to take the lead in making overtures toward Hamas. As one of the five permanent members, Russia has truly walked away from their responsibility to the council by denying and warping the truth and by lending credibility to a group of killers.

Now a second member has dropped the ball. The NYT is reporting that France is backing Putin's decision. The article opens with:
France on Friday endorsed Russia's decision to hold talks on the Middle East conflict with Hamas, the radical Islamist Palestinian group, saying the discussion "can contribute to advancing our positions."
The UN has proven itself to be a joke over the decades, and this latest farse is just one in a long line of them. It is true that these decisions have not yet gone through the UN, but with two members already on record reflects on the body itself. We have to ask will disbanding the UN make the world a better place? I think it would. I wrote a paper on this very topic in high school and have not wavered from it for over 20 years.


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