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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dems should call for a reversal of Bush domestic actions if they criticize them

Attempting to make good on his platform of "compassionate conservatism" Bush worked to pass the "No Child Left Behind Act" and the prescription drug bill for seniors. Since passing, education spending has doubled according to some reports and the prescription drug bill will like cost many times what was originally claimed. I thought Bush was wrong to pass these, but I was not blogging at the time. While I understand my position on being against these for reasons of fiscal responsibility, the liberals seem to have merely been following the template of criticism: wait for Bush to do something the criticize it. I say if conservatives do not like it and liberals are claiming not to like it: get rid of it. Why don't the Dems push to reverse these two expensive initiatives? The bottom line is that they only want to score cheap political points and have no desire to advance the US.

I realize the Dems are in the minority and that anything they do can be killed in committee or defeated. This does not prevent them from creating agenda items and trying to sell them to the public. The media is always ready to put a microphone in their face and report favorably on anything they do. They have no excuse not to use this avenue.

However, as I have claimed before they know that if they brought their real agenda to the public it would be rejected. All they have is criticism and opposition. This is why no matter how low Bush's numbers go, they will not be able to capitalize on it.


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