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Monday, March 27, 2006

Don't look now but national health care not good enough for UK doctors

Linking to a story showing how UK doctors know how bad their socialized medicine is that they take out private health insurance to ensure they have quality care. It is not just a few doctors; the story states:
A survey of 500 consultants, commissioned by Bupa, the health insurer, found that 41% of senior hospital doctors have invested in private health cover.
One doctor tells how she would be dead if she had solely relied on NHS:

Dr Sarah Burnett, a consultant radiologist in London who worked in the NHS for 15 years, said she took out private medical insurance while she was employed in the state service because she was unimpressed with the level of care she witnessed first hand.

“NHS treatment is not a pleasant experience in any way — from the standard of the food, to ward cleanliness and the chance of catching MRSA,” she said.

Last year Burnett was diagnosed with breast cancer, detected during a private medical screening. Within two hours of her annual check she underwent an ultrasound examination that showed multiple small tumours. An hour after that Burnett was seen by a surgeon who arranged a skin-sparing mastectomy. A few days later she was recovering from surgery.

“I was lucky enough to have exceptionally prompt treatment because I choose to pay for insurance. Under the NHS I would not have been screened until 50 for breast cancer and would not have been able to catch my cancer at such an early stage,” said Burnett.

I think the reasons given by the British Medical Association are hilarious in their attempt to minimize the situation:

The British Medical Association (BMA) argues that the consultants’ wish to take out private medical cover does not demonstrate a lack of commitment to the NHS. They want speedy treatment so they can get back to looking after their NHS patients as soon as possible.

Dr Jonathan Fielden, the deputy chairman of the BMA’s consultants’ committee, said: “Consultants may also like the anonymity of private care. One of the problems of being treated in the NHS is that consultants might find they are in a bed next to one of their patients.”

So it is not better health care they are after, it is to more quicky get back to their work and so they don't share a room with their patients. Nice try. Basically, national health care is great for those making minimum wage, but a definite downgrade for those with private health plans. No thanks.


  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger Malott said…

    Great Post. Another Healthcare Never.

    Never get ill in a country with socialized medicine.

    It goes along with:

    Never need a hospital on the weekend.

    Never have lab work done at the same time as your spouse.

    Never visit the surgeon first. (There is only one way he can help you... and he [will] try to help you.)

    You get the idea.


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