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Monday, March 27, 2006

NYT throws out credibility with both hands

I checked the date, I cleared my cache and double-checked to make sure I did not have some very, very old cached version of news. After verifying that, I pinched myself and then cleaned my glasses to make sure I was awake and seeing things right. Wow, I am. This leaves me completely blown away by what I saw in the NYTimes with today's date. Ignoring many news stories already printed months ago, billions of bytes in the blogosphere on the subject ad nauseum, the NYT is printing yet another story on the Downing Street Memo. Worst yet, they are printing it as if it is fresh news with the headline "Bush Was Set on Path to War, Memo by British Adviser Says". I could find nothing in the story that gives the impression how old this news is and is written as if the memo were newly discovered and a smoking gun.

The Headline does not read like any of the following:

- Blowing off dust from old memo to take another fun cheap shot at Bush
- This was so fun the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time around we thought we would try it again
- Company Psychiatrist recommends this to help with psychological trauma to employees over company financially tanking
- Please don't read DOCEX documents showing Bush was right - read this instead
- I know this is old, but we wanted it fresh in everyone's mind for the impeachment trial that we will be covering with fairness and impartiality.

Feel free to submit your own. It looks like the NYT is preparing to put all their eggs in one basket and close their eyes to anything else. Einstein's definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. The NYT over and over again chooses the path of agenda journalism instead of impartially printing the news. Their circulation drops; their stock takes a tumble and their solution: more of the same. Insanity (and suicide)

As for the Downing Street Memo, I had a post quite some time back (October 22, 2005) showing what a weak document the left is pinning their hopes on. Ironically, 5 months ago I entitled that post "Downing Street Memo - Old News - My Take." I break down the memo in several points showing it is no smoking gun whatsoever. It is not even a gun. You can read my post on the memo here.

It is amazing how the old, tired DS memo is being treated like fresh news and the Docex documents are for the most part being ignored (with the exception of a few brave / truthful sources in the MSM - though couched in editors notes). One can only assume that Docex is throwing them into a panic and they are trying to throw out a stream of old stuff to muddy the waters. It is like in the movies where someone is being chased and they keep stopping to push something over for the chaser to trip over. Usually the chased takes more time doing that than the chaser takes circumventing it. It will be the same here. The Grey Lady will gain nothing from the story and also take a credibility hit for printing old news like it is new. I wonder how many news outlets will pick up on this and make it their lead stories? Follow the leader over the cliff.


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