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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Libs Always Want to Play that Race Card

Some comments on my posts regarding building the wall continue to be based on some faulty premise that I am a racist. Somehow they never have any criticism for the true racists marching in the streets against an illegal immigration crackdown. One of the big components of the marchers is a Hispanic superiority group called La Raca which means "the Race".

My opposition to illegal immigration is purely for reasons of economy and fairness. The US is a big country founded on waves of immigration and there is room for many more. However, this must be done fairly and in an organized manner. There are long lines of people all around the world waiting to come to the US and illegal immigrants are merely LINEJUMPERS.

From an economic standpoint we must bring them here in an organized manner. The load must be balanced so that we bring in people in a position to contribute to the country, not to sap it of economic resources. We must be able to immediately begin to capture income taxes from immigrants, not have a mechanism for them to dodge it by calling people racist. In the long term it is also important that immigrants assimilate to the American way of life. If they do not assimilate or melt in the big melting pot, the American way of life and dream becomes endangered. Most immigrants come from socialist or communist countries or even dictatorships. Immigrants must melt into our democratic republic and embrace being an American instead of walling themselves from the rest of the community. The picture I have added represents an unwillingness to melt into the great melting pot; not a desire to contribute to the American Dream.


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