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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Logic Lifeline New Orleans Flashback

Click here for an interesting flashback post from Jan 31 on the potential Mayoral race between Nagin and Landrieu. My last paragraph talks about rough waters ahead in Louisiana for the Democrat machine that has entrenched itself:
Perhaps this is not simply a Landrieu power play, after all. With Governor Blanco and Nagin in the hot seat, thousands of normally Democrat voters displaced to other states and Mary acting somewhat irrationally lately, the whole Louisiana Democrat machine could be in danger of an overthrow. Mitch's run in New Orleans could simply be a bid to shore up the Democrat position before future rough waters when Blanco runs for re-election.
The recent bribery scandal surrounding William Jefferson mixed with Landrieu losing to Nagin should make Louisiana politics very interesting in the next months and years. We saw the overthrow of the Democrat machine in neighboring Georgia a few years ago. I think the LA. Dems should be quaking in their boots about now.


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