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Friday, July 07, 2006

Gitmo intel good for France but bad for US?

Captain's Quarters Blog is posting on France sending some people to Gitmo to interview some of the prisoners. While they claimed the main purpose was to identify and check the condition of any French citizens among the prisoners, they also wanted to glean information to prevent terrorism. The Captain is getting the info from the New York Sun blog It Shines for All. According to the blog:

Responding to the report that French intelligence agents had interviewed six men on trial in France for links with a network plotting terrorist attacks while they were held at Guantanamo, the French Foreign Ministry said it had made no secret of three visits to the camp between 2002-2004.

"These missions, which were of an administrative nature, were aimed at identifying precisely French citizens who might have been at Guantanamo and at assessing their situation in a general manner," it said in a statement dated Wednesday.

It added that the aim was also to gather information needed to allow France to prevent terrorism and that representatives of other government officials had taken part in these missions to help achieve both these goals.

The Captain adds the following:
France received its citizens almost exactly two years ago, and they have held all of them since, implicit recognition of the potential threat they posed. Now we find out that the government felt it necessary to interrogate them while in American custody to prevent further terrorism. That, of course, corroborates what we have said all along -- that the men held at Gitmo present a danger to us and to the West and have information that we need to prevent further attacks.
So as the Captain states, the actions of France support the idea that detaining these prisoners is the wisest course of action at present and that there is information to be gleaned from them that may prevent future attacks. The notion that this concept is unique to the US is simply ridiculous. There has been a lot of liberal Kool-Aid drunk over Guantanamo. The criticism of Gitmo comes from groups that are passionately against the war and bear historic animosity toward the US interviewing prisoners that were fighting against the US without uniform using unconventional tactics. The prospect of truth coming out of that witches brew is very dubious. Yet the left continues to make political hay in their quest to weaken Bush. My guess is that most of the world will remain silent on France's actions. I doubt we will hear many calls for France to give their detainees due process or release them.


  • At 11:44 AM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    ...a network plotting terrorist attacks while they were held at Guantanamo...

    Call me a cynic, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Left used that statement to renew the call for the closure of Gitmo, because it's allowing the terrorists to plot more attacks.

    All while ignoring France. You're completely right about that.

  • At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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