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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kofi Annan considers firing union chief

Kofi Annan strikes again. We have seen the Oil for Food Scandal, the "peacekeeping" rapist club, Kojo using his father's name to avoid paying taxes. All throughout we see Kofi and his low key mumbling do-nothing approach. Now Kofi gets animated when John Bolton meets directly with his union chief Stephen Kisambira. Kofi apparantly is considering firing Kisambira over this meeting. According to NewsMax:
The U.N. claims that meetings such as those between Bolton and the union officials, "violates" the organization's rules prohibiting employees from discussing "internal" Secretariat activities directly with member states.
I find a few things strange here. We see that the UN more closely follows the socialistic thinking of Europe. Where unionization in Europe is practically a human right, the UN staff is also unionized. I am not sure how they do it in Europe, but in the US the union chiefs do not answer directly to the heads of the company. They are certainly not fireable by them. Why even have a union?

Another point is that the UN union chief seems to be more reasonable than Kofi. The reason Bolton wanted to meet with Kisambira, was to more directly interact with the union to expedite reforms that seem to be a very low priority in Kofi's agenda. According to NewMax:

Bolton's agenda was to discuss with the union ways the world body might be reformed, including tackling its bloated bureaucracy.

The Staff Union represents the majority of the 9,000 employees of the United Nations in New York City, with job duties from clerical to department administrators.

After the 30-minute meeting at U.N. headquarters, both sides claimed they had "more in common" among themselves on fixing the United Nations than with U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and his administration.

Speaking to reporters, Bolton confessed that the meeting was so fruitful he "should have asked for a such a meeting, much earlier."

Kofi's reaction shows that 1) He does not really seem to be serious about dealing with the bloated bureaucracy 2) He seems to only pay lip service to unions 3) He seems to have quite a megalomaniac streak in him.

I am for rules and sticking to rules. If Kofi and other UN members had a history of sticking by rules and there truly is a rule banning such a meeting then he is justified in firing Kisambira. The fact is that Kofi has a long history of appeasement and not standing up to those deserving of it. It seems a funny time to start standing up by attacking the union. It seems a funny time to start when he has been embarrassed by Bolton's need to bypass him in the process due to inaction and failure.

The international community continues to embarrass themselves by resistance to a man who has a backbone, does what he says he will do, and has resolve in the face of great pressure; while at the same time having no bad word to say about a man who is ineffective, wavers in the face of trouble, will not deal with corruption or international threats, and will not make good on his promise to reform. The international community has nothing good to say about George W. Bush, and has nothing bad to say about Kofi Annan. We have heard much about how international opinion has turned against the U.S. When we see the completely backwards treatment of these two men all I can say is: consider the source. The international community has completely discredited themselves when it comes to opinion. Nearly every opinion they produce is not base on right and wrong, but on which side they have already chosen.

I have very little use for the United Nations itself. They have been shown to be completely ineffective in the face of world issues such as Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Darfur and many others. The international community harshly criticized Bush for "going it alone" against Iraq. Then when Iran starts their nuclear threats, the UN looks at Bush and wonders what he is going to do about it. I have no use at all for Kofi Annan. The man has no shame and should have resigned long ago. We only have 6 more months before he leaves the UN with likely the worst legacy of any Secratary General. Then his Bush bashing memoirs will be ready just before the '08 U.S. presidential elections. Then he will fade from memory except when the mainstream media needs to interview an "expert".


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