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Friday, July 14, 2006

New Dem video empty of a message

The Democrat party has a new video out. Many are angry over their use of a picture showing an aircraft with flag draped coffins of our soldiers. I was disgusted that they would choose to use that photo for political gain of those that "gave the last full measure". I don't think the Dems will gain anything from it.

Actually, the whole video does not seem to advance their cause any or define any ideas. When I see the video, it seems to be directed at the left fringe. This is not a winning strategy. The only thing I can figure is that they think these are people with money who are willing to part with it if sufficiently motivated. So the video was supposed to do that.

Since there is no real message except one quote from Bill Clinton, we are left to interpret what they are saying by the pictures. First it shows an oil refinery and then a picture showing the high prices of gas. Are they trying to admit that the price of gas is so high because of our shortage of refining capacity? The same shortage due to no oil refineries being built due to liberal policies? Not to mention lack of domestic oil to go into the refineries due to liberal policies preventing us from drilling for oil offshore and in ANWR. Of course the prices shown on the picture are prices from California where they are highest due to environmental regulation.

After the coffin and related photos they show a few Katrina photos: a weather hurricane projection, highway under water, a damaged Superdome. They are still grasping in desparation that they will gain mileage out of Katrina. Again appealing to the fringe who think man-made global warming caused Katrina. In the photo of the Superdome they show all the people that were not properly evacuated by an incompetent Ray Nagin. No they did not show all the under water buses that could have been used to evacuate.

Next they show some real desperation. They take Tom Delay's famous mug shot and photoshop it to the fantasy picture they really wanted. They tip their hand at how much it burned them when he came out smiling in his photo. The photoshop switch to a down-in-the-mouth Delay is just to funny and reveals the usual sour grapes mentality of Dems. Next they show a picture of Jack Abramoff who is linked to GOP and Dems alike. It's tough when your only message is a "culture of corruption" and it gets taken away by corruption in your own party. Poor babies.

Of course they have to get the snarling photo of Dick Cheney in his most famous "gravitas" pose. Later they make up for it when they show Harry Reid with his usual "I need some prune juice really bad" pose. After Cheney is a photo of Rove smiling. Now what does that do for this? Again, the hatred of Rove among the left fringe is so great I am sure just seeing him grinning at them made them run for their checkbooks.

They have a series of photos of the Democratic leadership. I thought it interesting that they showed Rahm Emmanuel before they showed Pelosi or Reid. Is this a power play? In between they show smiling happy people. If people are smiling and happy before Dems get to power why do we need the Dems? A very funny picture shows one of those farms of wind power. Why would they show this. This is like the banner of Dem hypocrisy. None of the rich boys want those big ugly windmills in their backyard blocking their multi-million dollar view. They want the little guy to have to see them day after day.

In the end they have a picture of Clinton and a recording of him saying "There is nothing that cannot be fixed in America with what is right in America". Is this a pitch for morality? Also, according to the Dems and their media water carriers there is nothing right with America. According to them Bush has destroyed everything. Funny how when we talk about Clinton they accuse us of having to go back to him to criticize him more. Here they have to go back to Clinton to try to eek out some kind of message.

It is a very poor video. I am not sure what they thought they would accomplish. I keep my ear to the ground when it comes to politics, but I could not tell you what the Dem's message is for '06 if you put a gun to my head. I know some have given me links to some words written down somewhere on the Dem's website. These are words that I do not really see or hear reflected by the Dem leadership consistently. Also, most of those words talk about what they want to accomplish but never give one shred of how they plan to accomplish anything. The Dems have thought all along that they can simply run against George Bush this fall. If they follow this strategy they will get bitten in the behind. Of course if they come out with a plan, they risk losing even more. Not many of their plans can survive the light of day before elections.


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