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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Fifth Grader Provides Good Role Models for Kids

The new game show "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader" has done exceptionally well - mainly due to following on the heels of American Idol. The show is deserving of the viewership and praise. It has been well planned and designed. Jeff Foxworthy is a surprisingly good host. I say surprised because I thought he would be more "silly" given his comedian background. However, he uses his humor sporadically enough to be very effective.

The questions are not exceptionally hard. However, they are of the nature that you would tend not to remember without a refresher. You hear the question and at first think how stupidly simple, but then realize you don't know the answer.

What makes the show are the kids. Each kid is very smart. The bios on the show's website show that they do well in school. They also handle themselves very well during the show. I am sure they were prepared to be so outgoing, but they learned and do it very well. There is not a time where they are dull or aloof. I think that this forum that presents smart, good looking kids that work hard and do well in school presents very good role models for the kids viewing the show.

Liberal thinking in society almost discourages the notion of individual achievement and excellence. These kids are a refreshing counter to that ill-formed mode. Kids need to be pushed beyond medicrity and "group-think" and embrace the success the American Dream can offer to those who excel.

Yet another great show from Fox TV.

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