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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wyoming Does the Humane Thing

Wyoming has done a humane act. They have repealed the state sales tax on food items. According to the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle:
Former Rep. Ann Robinson beamed as the governor signed the bill making the temporary removal of the sales tax on food passed last year permanent.

Bills to lift the tax had first been brought by lawmakers in the 1950s, she said, so Wednesday also marked the end of a very long process for that idea as well.

"Food is the most basic need of the people of Wyoming," she said, "and it is not a place for collecting taxes."

According to this website, most states have an exemption from or limited taxation on food and Wyoming has re-joined humanity by adding their exemption. While Illinois limits taxation on food items, they still do some taxation. It boils down to this: if I need to purchase something to survive, the government should not be there to take a chunk of my money when buying it. This includes food, medicine, gas to heat my home and cook my food, and medical services. Indirectly I should not be charged tax on gasoline that gets me to work every day in order to put food on my family's table.

Fun Stuff:
Now on the flip side for fun, there are quite a number of food items that I do not need to survive. Some examples might be: potato chips, ice cream, cookies, twinkies and other such snacks, frozen pizzas, soda pop, and last but not least........kool-aid.

On a non-food side note: does anybody know if there is any sales tax on Bibles, Korans, Books of Mormon, etc.? If so, that looks like a fine case for the ACLU to fight. That would be a REAL breach of separation of church and state. It reminds me of the church I used to attend. Often there would be police cars camping out in the parking lot way out of sight to trap speeders going by. One night I was late and came whipping in the parking lot (I had some ushering duty to perform) and at the last second saw the police car. I wonder if they had given me a ticket if I could have claimed separation of church and state to get out of the ticket?

Enough fun. Good job Wyoming for doing the right thing. You never should have had a food tax to begin with, though.

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