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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Won an Icon for the Gipper

Today is an amazing day!! I am absolutely thrilled!! The Honor Network keeps making my day. From making their rankings, to adding the fast and friendly email icon, to adding the anti-UN icon. Now they have topped it all by adding the Ronald Reagan Conservative icon. How great is that! Reagan will likely be the greatest president of my lifetime. It will be tough to top him ever, especially with the way the country seems to keep sinking in its standards. I know this will make the liberals want to gag, but every time I see a clip or a quote of Reagan I have a rush of emotions that are a mixture of appreciation for his greatness and how much I wish he were president today. You never really had to worry about Reagan letting you down with compromise. Sure there were a couple of imperfect moments, but Reagan was solid in what he believed and did not sell out those who voted for him.

Each president is dealt a "deck of cards". George W. Bush was dealt a deck of recession and terrorism. He has handled the economy well considering the recession taking hold before he took office and the major hit it took on 9/11. That success story unfortunately has been crowded out by the insane spending. The war on terror was an opportunity to lead and protect the country. Bush has done well by sticking to his principles in the face of massive criticism. However, shortcomings in the execution of the war (focusing too much on winning hearts and minds than winning the war) and his inability to communicate have nearly robbed his chance at greatness. If Reagan had been dealt this hand, he would have taken it and made Churchill and Roosevelt look like pikers. The Great Communicator would still have 70%+ behind the war by his effective distribution of the message.

So thanks to the Honor Network for the Ronald Reagan icon. I don't think that one can be topped. I have reached the summit.

On a side note, they rated me #1 again. Sigh. So many others are more deserving. Maybe brevity is a key element in their scoring. Anyway, thanks for the honor. Two notes to Honor Network. I really hope you drop the advertising to the Pl*yB@y store (masked so I don't get any hits for people google searching it). At least it is only a face on the ad, but I think you detract from an otherwise very good site. Second, I hope you correct the spelling of Michelle Malkin's name. It is Malkin, not Makin. Other than those two things, I love your site.

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