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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hugo Chavez Off to Rehab?

So does Hugo Chavez need to check himself into rehab after his insensitive name calling. In response to George Bush's Latin American visit, Chavez shouted to a crowd, "Gringo, go home!" Will there be such an angry stir in the American white community and a harsh response from the politically correct police that Chavez will be shamed into drastic measures? After all, the PC crowd is dominated by the Left and they currently worship him in all his thuggery: his limitations of free speech, his human rights violations of those who oppose him, his bid to obtain dictatorial powers and bypass any term limitations.

Of course I can now extract my tongue from my cheek with a crowbar. First of all, the PC crowd will not criticize their champion thug. They are too busy worshipping him, especially after calling Bush "the Devil" at the UN. Secondly, there are only certain groups the PC crowd deems worth protecting from insensitive speech. Whites, concervatives, Christians and men in general are among those groups where insensitive remarks are open season.

Of course, the main reason there will be no response against Chavez is that there is a group of people out there who in their youth heard the phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me" and believed it. I am one of those people. After the Ann Coulter broo-haha, I sat down and tried to think of some name that could be thrown at me that I would get offended at. A name that was derogatory of some group I happen to be a part of. Let's see. I am white and all terms such as gringo, whitey, and cracker don't really do much. I am a Christian and all terms such as fundie, Bible-thumper, Jesus freak and holy roller aren't worth cocking an eyebrow. Any words against the fact I am overweight are deserved by the choices I made getting this way. Words against my conservative stances such as fascist, capitalist pig and Repug are laughable. The gay community has begun calling heterosexuals "breeders". I think that is pretty darn funny. Do they actually think that is going to hurt our feelings?

The fact is that I am in a group that is very confident in what and who they are. Names simply do not have an effect on certain groups. I am proud of my heritage, faith, ideology and sexual orientation. I am not proud of my weight, but I am doing something about that. (aaargh! I am in the stage where you actually gain weight because you are adding muscle from the exercises. This too shall pass). I am not defending name calling or advocating a wholesale increase in name calling. I am calling for a wholesale increase in "get a life" and a little "get over it" and a big decrease in the manufactured outrage. There are a lot of groups out there that would benefit by changing from their position of weakness to a position of strength. If one cannot take being called a derogatory name, they have no strength at all.

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