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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Help Save Lives From Massacre

Captain Ed at Captains Quarters Blog has petition you can sign that he will be packaging and sending to Congress. Go to this link and scroll down below the Day by Day Cartoon to get to the petition. The main statement of the petition reads:
We, the undersigned, call on our national leaders and fellow citizens to resist calls for a premature withdrawal from Iraq and to support America's troops under the new commander, Gen. David Petraeus, as they implement a bold new strategy designed to bring a successful completion to their mission.
Don't wait for a pollster to call you to get your opinion. You are probably not on their list anyway. By signing this petition you may be helping to save thousands of lives. As we saw from the premature pullout from Vietnam, our premature departure from Iraq would leave nobody to protect the innocent people from the power struggle that would assuredly occur.

By staying in Iraq until the country is able for us to leave, we send a strong message that the United States finishes what it starts. There is nothing like a sign of weakness that makes terrorists feel like they have been given a blank check to do whatever they want. The wavering and undercutting of this effort for political gain is weakness enough. A premature withdrawal would be disaster.

Make sure you go and sign the petition today. For those that disagree and do not want to sign it, there should be a second petition. This one would state:

We the undersigned don't care how many thousands get slaughtered in Iraq if we leave; we should just get out. The only thousands of slaughtered innocents we care about are in Darfur. These are the only people that we can legitimately care for because just like Kosovo, Darfur has no oil. Yes, we are just fine with the Democrats owning the American defeat and the slaughter that would follow.

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