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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Condi Rice and the Bloody Hands Woman Video

Here is the video from the picture in the previous post. It shows Condi Rice walking into the hearing and this woman seemingly coming completely out of nowhere. She has full access to Condi for a few seconds before Condi's security team see her and has to run around people to get to her. The angle of the video shows that they get to the crazed woman before anybody on the open free side of Condi arrives. It was one of the slowest responses I have seen. The question is: you have a hearing about to start and an administration official is coming in. Wouldn't a trained security officer be fully attuned to somebody walking around in close proximity? It would be like a flight attendant honing in on a passenger walking around just before take-off.

I would also point out the context of the photo in the last post. When you watch the video, you see that the photo does not at all represent how Condi reacted to the incident. However, the photo is the only moment she is giving the woman any attention whatsoever. She does not give the disdainful look shown in the photo, but how her face looks in turning. Funny how one slice of time can fail to capture the context of a situation.

The video then ends with all the Code Pinkos being dragged out of the room. Of course they are dragged kicking and screaming. The first one seems to give a lot more trouble. I have a feeling that with the second one, the security guy has a handlock on her that will cause quite a lot of pain if she tries to drop on the ground like the first one. The first one screams repeatedly "What are you doing! What are you doing!". A telling sign of the intelligence level of the group. It will be interesting to see if they let them back into hearings in the future.


  • At 9:44 PM, Blogger Incognito said…

    How pathetic and ridiculous those women are.. aren't they embarrassed to be wearing pink crowns? You know, of course, the screaming etc. is mere show. Sigh.


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