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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Will China Buy an American President?

The United States currently has a Congress where the majority is bought and paid for by George Soros and MoveOn.Oink. Are we soon to have a president who was bought and paid for by China, our biggest economic and military rival? If Hillary Clinton becomes President, my opinion is the answer is Yes. The circumstantial evidence is nearing a level that should be undeniable that China is funneling money to Hillary Clinton using a variety of methods. Below are four key areas that point strongly to the heavy Chinese cloud that hangs over Hillary Clinton. A key theme in all four is the continued lack of media curiosity when it comes to Hillary Clinton. The surface is always barely scratched and then with a big yawn the media goes lumbering off like a bear going back to the woods to do what bears do in the woods.

The Ties to China Under the William Jefferson Blythe Clinton Administration

The readers should avail themselves of one of my favorite links in the list to the right of this page. This link shows why Bill Clinton's Administration is the Gold Standard of Corruption. During the Clinton Administration we saw one Asian fund raising scandal after another. There was John Huang, who was investigated for violating campaign finance laws. In 1999 he obtained a plea deal that only gave him 1 year of probation, a $10,000 fine and 500 hours of community service. According to this Washington Post Campaign Finance Special Report on Huang:

Huang organized the fund-raiser at the Hsi Lai Temple outside Los Angeles, where Vice President Al Gore helped collect $140,000 – most of which has since been returned.

Investigators are also exploring whether Huang may have served as an "agent of influence" of the People's Republic of China, perhaps funneling money from Beijing into American political campaigns.

The temple fund raising flap was only a brief embarrassment for Al Gore instead of the criminal scandal it should have developed into. In another WP report on the event:

Gore suffered considerable embarrassment from the temple visit. He initially said it wasn't a fund-raising event, but memos prepared by the DNC for his staff clearly show that those joining him for lunch at the temple had to contribute $2,500 per person to the party.

What early on appeared to be a mystery – how monks and nuns living on $40 monthly stipends could afford to make hefty campaign contributions – was at least partly solved by reports that the temple repaid individuals who donated.

It is illegal to finance a political donation officially listed in the name of another.

Gore was allowed to apologize and move on. Thank you Janet Reno for holding the Guinness Record for turning a blind eye. Though the media briefly touched on the unlikely ability of the monks to raise that kind of money on their $40 a week stipend, they never seemed curious about where the money actually did come from. Gore's apology and the money being returned was good enough to move on.

There was another Chinese fund raiser during the Clinton Administration, Johnny Chung. Chung visited the White House 49 times, but the Clintons falsified this info only reported a fraction of those visits. We later found out why. Chung admitted to investigators that some of the campaign money came from China's Military Intelligence.

There was also the giving away of missile technology to China under the Clinton Administration. According to
The Clinton administration between 1993 and 1996 allowed numerous exports of potential ballistic-missile technology to the Chinese government despite China's refusal, in some instances, to allow inspections to assure that the technology was only being used for civilian purposes, according to classified documents and four U.S. government officials.
We all derided Jimmy Carter for giving away the Panama Canal, but thanks to Bill Clinton the Chinese obtained the technology to start aiming Nuclear warheads at us. No wonder we see so much Asian money coming to the Clintons.

The Speeches of Bill Clinton

I posted some time back on how the paid speeches of Bill Clinton while his wife is a sitting Senator is the biggest loophole imaginable. This vehicle, if used as such, could be compared to the "perfect murder". Instead of murder it could be used as the perfect bribe an money laundering scheme in politics. Somebody wants something. The Clintons are approached. All they have to do to obtain favors for money is hire Bill to give a speech for big bucks. He has raised millions in speeches, yet nobody has even raised an eyebrow over the possibility of impropriety. Here is an interesting site that maps out the locations of Clinton's speeches. Drill down and you will see over $1 million in speeches in China alone. Of course money can come from China while he gives speeches anywhere in the world. No, there is no proof here but once again the media seems to be asleep at the wheel on this one.

The Felonious Fundraiser - Norman Hsu

Since this is so fresh and already hashed over, I will not go into detail. The important point is that the media once again seems to lack interest over where the money from Hsu comes from. There were several examples of large donations coming from individuals that were not likely able to afford such sacrificial donations.

When the Hsu flap surfaced, Hillary returned a whopping $850,000 of the money bundled and given to her campaign. The media fawned over her integrity, but feigned deafness when a short time after Hillary sent a not so subtle message to the original donors (whoever they are) to re-donate the money directly. A brazen act that only a media darling could get away with.

Money keeps coming in. Asian principal characters are involved. However, the media yawns.

The Chinatown Army of the Impoverished

The newest link to the Clintons and China is (surprisingly)being reported by the LA Times. A surprising number of large donations are coming from some of the lowest wage earners from New York's Chinatown. According to the Times:
Dishwashers, waiters and others whose jobs and dilapidated home addresses seem to make them unpromising targets for political fundraisers are pouring $1,000 and $2,000 contributions into Clinton's campaign treasury. In April, a single fundraiser in an area long known for its gritty urban poverty yielded a whopping $380,000. When Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) ran for president in 2004, he received $24,000 from Chinatown.
Many of Clinton's Chinatown donors said they had contributed because leaders in neighborhood associations told them to. In some cases, donors said they felt pressure to give.
The $1000-$2000 donations are coming from from tenants of dilapidated homes, from low income workers, under pressure from local associations and some listed donors cannot be found. Some donors are denying they gave at all even though their name appears on the list. I wonder where the money from those are coming from?

In conclusion, I would point to the tale of two Hillaries. When you see Hillary Clinton making her rounds on The View and other morning shows, the news shows; when you hear reports from all of the media outlets you get a picture of an intelligent triumphant woman. Every scrap of evidence that can be twisted or amplified into the appearance of humanity in Hillary is highlighted. Even though it is difficult to point to any one thing that Hillary has actually accomplished in her political life, her record is given the appearance of success and the appearance that she has done a lot to help people. Contrast that tale to the constant leaks of reality that show Hillary to be a phony, conniving, iron lady that is hounded by a cloud of corruption ready to break into scandal at any given moment. Add the Marxist element that oozes out of her pores and the almost daily announcement of a new way to expand government and spend our hard earned money.

As I have stated before, I have yet to see anyone give a clear supported offensive declaration of why Hillary Clinton should be the next President of the United States. Instead we see one after another leaping to her defense. Tell us why people should vote for her. Don't just argue against those who state why people should not vote for her. Yet that is just it. It is tough to come up with a scrap of a list of reasons to make her President.

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