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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NObama 08 Blogburst

When Sarah Palin was announced as the VP pick, there was not a moment of peace after that point to reflect on what type of person she is. The daggers came out and accusations began flying. You can read a good list of these false claims posted by Incognito here.

In spite of political differences, I give everybody a fair shake. When I heard Obama during his Senate race here in Illinois, I had a good impression of him even though I disagreed with him. When he did a “touch and go landing” in the Senate and began his presidential campaign, I tried my best to see what everybody was buzzing about. I would love to have an election where there are two candidates. I may prefer one, but hopefully not fear the other one to win. In this election cycle that is not the case. Though I have looked objectively at Barack Obama, in the end I find his character to be an opportunist at best and a thug at worst.

I have already written about Obama strong-arming his way into politics by using gutter tactics – essentially disqualifying all four of his rivals by technicalities.

His nomination is tainted by the stench of voter fraud. Obama has strong ties to the organization ACORN. Boortz posts today about all the states where ACORN has been accused of voter fraud during the primaries: Washington, Michigan, Florida, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. We now find that Obama has a friend in the Secretary of State of Ohio who has been busily disqualifying GOP absentee ballots contrary to Ohio law.

Obama and his surrogates have continually stiff-armed the public when it comes to information about his past. While the media continues to give Sarah Palin a proctal exam, they continue to yawn when it comes to details about Obama's missing years at Occidental College, his trip to Pakistan, his years at Columbia, and his time on the Board of the CAC serving under terrorist Bill Ayers.

When it comes to any public dialogue about the areas of Obama's life that he does not want discussed, Obama uses quite a number of thuggish measures to squelch it. He sends out action alerts for his goons to flood radio stations with calls, he tries to use the Department of Justice on them, he threatens radio and television stations regarding their licenses, banning signs at rallies, and using Missouri law enforcement to intimidate free speech. It is obvious that Obama has a real problem with the 1st Amendment. If we see this haunting display of political brownshirt mentality during the election process, imagine what it will be like when (God forbid) he attains the presidency.

The thuggish character of Barack Obama is one of the reasons I decided to join the NObama 08 BlogBurst effort where a group of bloggers will be posting every Tuesday on why the United States needs to reject this man's bid for the highest office in the world. The other participating members of the NObama 08 BlogBurst are:

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