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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Let's Take This From a Different Angle

With the growing list of scummy people that Barack Obama has associated with all his adult life, and the media's reluctance to spend any time on it because "the American people aren't interested in it" (when did I lose my citizenship?), maybe there is another way the media or even the Obama campaign can tackle this problem.

Maybe they can provide a few names of people that Obama associated with when he was at Columbia and Harvard, worked with before his political career began and allies he cultivated after he went into politics; a few people that are respectable, non-radical, non-socialist, non-racist bigots, productive and wholesome. Right now it appears that at every juncture of his life, Obama had bad judgment when selecting his associates. If they are unwilling to address those poor choices directly, maybe they could address it indirectly by revealing good choices along the way.



  • At 12:11 PM, Blogger Tsofah said…


    I'm not holding my breath.......

  • At 12:21 PM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    Well, there was that nice, deaf old lady who attended Jeremiah Wright's church. She was friends with Obama, I'm sure.

    OK. That's the list.


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