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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations President-Elect Barack Obama

Today I offer a sincere congratulations to the new President-Elect Barack Obama. He was not my choice, but I offer my hope and support that he may somehow turn out to be a good President. The things I fear about an Obama Presidency have not yet occurred. Until they begin, I will not attack him personally. I am not fool enough like some to be willing to cut off my nose to spite my face. I do not wish bad on this country so that Obama looks bad. If good comes from Obama shown by clear cause and effect principles, I will give him credit.

I believe the margin of victory both in the electoral count and the popular vote give Obama a modest mandate to implement the things he clearly defined - not a blank check. For instance, he ran as a tax-cutting moderate and he has the mandate to be a tax cutting moderate as President. He ran as a friend of Israel, he has a mandate to be a friend of Israel. He ran as a supporter of Nuclear Power and Clean Coal as part of his energy plan, he has a mandate to expand Nuclear Power and Clean Coal. He ran on building a stronger military, he has a mandate to build a stronger military. He ran on reconciling faith and politics, he has a mandate to reconcile faith and politics. He ran on securing our borders, improve legal immigration, and require illegals to pay fines, learn English and go to the back of the citizenship line; he has a mandate for this approach. He ran on restoring fiscal discipline to Washington, he has a mandate to balance our budget (while keeping all his promises on national defense and national security). In short, he has a mandate to govern from the Center-Right as this is where he ran his campaign regardless of past record and in spite of many of his supporters.

There are good things I expect from an Obama Presidency and Democratic Congress. I expect the Left and the World Body to knock off their venomous rhetoric that has filled our political discourse for years. I expect the media to knock off the gloom and doom reporting on the economy filling consumers with fear instead of confidence. I expect either the people in general or the Left to feel betrayed when President Obama chooses whether he will govern from the Center or the Left. I expect some to feel the same disappointment I have felt at the results of my preferred party "getting it all". I expect some fun when there is conflict between Reid, Pelosi and Obama when Obama tells them the way it is going to be and they disagree. I expect to have some fun watching how very long it will be before Obama gets out his veto pen in the same way George W. Bush was criticized at the length of time it took him to use his. I expect it to be more fun to go on the offensive against liberal policies than defend conservative policies that rarely exist. I expect it to be fun to observe others try to defend poor decisions. I expect it to be fun when the new administration does things the old administration was heavily criticized for and suddenly it will be ok. Overall, though, I expect at least a small time where divisiveness in politics takes a break. How brief that break is depends mostly on the actions of the new leadership.

In summary, today it is congratulations to Barack, Nancy and Harry. I congratulate all Black Americans who see hope in this man's ascension. I celebrate the offical end of racism in America and all the silly charges that accompany it. Sure there will always be one yahoo or another trapped in prejudice, but today any last vestiges of institutional racism and bigotry can be offically declared dead. Black America can now break free of the surly bonds of oppression. They can now embrace the power of individual achievement and discard the false notion they need the government to accomplish their desires. As a whole they can look to those of their brothers and sisters that took their destiny in their own hands and broke free years prior this moment. They can look to their fellow minorities in the Hispanic, Asian, Indian and Arabic communities for the template to achieving the American Dream by their individual efforts. I truly wish them well.

Others are already declaring war. I choose to give them their days of celebration. I hope I do not have to join, but just in case I will sharpen my tools and prepare in private. In public I will hope for the best and that somehow good can come of this until proven wrong. Country First and May God Bless America.

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  • At 8:32 PM, Blogger Jacob said…

    Very well said.

  • At 5:18 PM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    I don't remember Obama running on a pro-military platform. In fact, I saw a video of him calling for the dismantling of our military. And he wants a civilian corps just as big as the military. I hope he doesn't push for either of these two things.

    I would dearly love for Obama's presidency NOT to be what I dread from him. The pleasure of having rationality in the White House will far outweigh the pleasure of being able to say, "I told you so."

  • At 3:23 AM, Blogger Merete said…

    Very nice post, AICS, and congratulations to you all on your first African American president!

    Needless to say that I am extremely pleased the way it turned out after being depressed as hell the previous two elections. It felt so sweet and right and I was so glad to see that the Americans feel the same way too. And not only in your country, it looks like the whole world is celebrations with you on this. I have read the newspapers from all over the world and I want to quote a nice article from Pravda, the biggest newspaper in Russia:

    "A change for the better
    Only Satan would have been worse than the Bush regime. Therefore it could be argued that the new administration in the USA could never be worse than the one which divorced the hearts and minds of Americans from their brothers in the international community, which appalled the rest of the world with shock and awe tactics that included concentration camps, torture, mass murder and utter disrespect for international law. Yet in choosing Obama, the people of America have opted to come back into the international fold. Welcome back, friends!"

    Let's just hope he will be the good president so many people believes he can be. He sure as hell has some long ass list of difficult tasks to start with... It's not going to be easy but I like what he says that he knows he will make mistakes because he is only human, but he will listen to the people, he will ask the people for advice and he will work for the people and be honest at any time.

    It will be very exciting now to see who he chooses for his new cabinet. Hope to see Powell back!

    And yes, just like you say the US has come a long way since the slavery, you should be proud of yourselves to now have chosen the first black president! Time to celebrate before the hard works starts, and I just can't refuse to link to this funny animation

    Yes we did!

  • At 8:38 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…


    on his website he says he will:

    * Barack Obama will rebuild the military for 21st century tasks:

    Obama and Biden will complete the effort to increase our ground forces by 65,000 soldiers and 27,000 Marines. They will also invest in 21st century missions like counterinsurgency by building up our special operations forces, civil affairs, information operations, foreign language training and other units and capabilities that remain in chronic short supply.

    * Restore the readiness of the National Guard and Reserves:

    Obama and Biden will provide the National Guard with the equipment it needs for foreign and domestic emergencies. They will ensure that reservists and Guard members are treated fairly when it comes to employment, health, and education benefits.

    * Engage our allies in meeting our common security challenges:

    Obama and Biden will renew alliances and ensure our allies contribute their fair share to our mutual security.


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