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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Political Spinach: Introduction

I am introducing a new concept on this blog called "Political Spinach". In keeping with my Popeye theme I am using spinach as a symbol for something good that will make us stronger. I have entertained the thought for over a year now to create a website (not a blog) called Political Spinach that would contain more static types of information and theory instead of posts being driven by current events. Blogging is great, but it is always a moving picture and often that which is written is virtually lost soon after posting. Most posts will never be read by anybody after about a month or so.

For now instead of the website I will be adding posts. The Political Spinach Posts are designed to be referred to again and again. It is like putting up a tent. The stakes hold various portions of the tent in place. Without good stakes, the tent can come down in one or more areas. These posts are designed to be good stakes to solidly keep various positions I support nailed down so that the rest of the tent can be fully supported. Hopefully this will make more sense as I begin posting. I will still, of course continue with my current events driven posts, but I hope to have a good mix. Since I will be adding a 'Political Spinach' label to each of these posts, it will be easy to find them in the mix with the others by using blogger's label functionality.



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