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Monday, June 29, 2009

GOP Sex Scandals and the Charge of Hypocrisy

They say all is fair in love and war. Is it fair game for liberals to make hay about the GOP sex scandals? Of course. Democrats can certainly overlook the many, many sex scandals past and present and claim that because of recent GOP sex scandals that it is better to vote for Democrats. Since they are fully aware of the long history of Democrat sex scandals, they have come up with the claim that the GOP are hypocrits for espousing moral values and then some of their rank become embroiled in some of the most salacious sexual affairs. Is this hyocrisy? It is certainly hypocrisy on the part of those elected officials that partake in these activities - whether they are caught or not.

The actions of others will determine if they are being hypocritical. For instance, if I am vocal in claiming that the GOP is better at espousing moral values and I defend or turn a blind eye to immoral scandals of members of the GOP; then yes, I would rightfully be considered hypocritical. I personally believe that political leaders should hold a high moral standard. This is especially true when somebody has made a lifetime commitment of marriage to another and then they break that trust. I don't really discuss moral issues on this blog but I hold the position that every political leader that breaks a marriage vow while in office should resign. Period. Those who espouse moral positions but then make excuses just because they are GOP are hypocrites.

The fact is that many in the GOP (like me) are not vocal at all on issues of morality. Sure there are enough to be heard, but many others are really more interested in fiscal responsibility, limited government, economic and military strength, rugged individualism, lower taxes. So basically hypocrisy can only come if those who trumpet moral values are engaged in immoral behavior or support the retention in office of those who are. There are approximately 55 million registered voters affiliated with the GOP. How many of those meet my proposed definition of hypocrisy? Only by painting with a broad brush and stereotyping the entire GOP can the charge of hypocrisy be made. Of course who are the ones that are always denouncing stereotypes? The Democrats. Now that looks like hypocrisy to me.

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