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Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Note: Obama Says Porkulus Doing a Heckuva Job

Sometimes I wish I could act like a liberal and play hardball with no sense of fairness or honesty. That is the way I am wired though. Those who know me often get extremely frustrated at my deep sense of fairness. Last week I was contemplating how long it took for Reagan's tax cuts to finally kick in and begin an economic revolution that lasted over two decades. While waiting for the results, the liberals were at his throat taunting his voodoo economics plan. Even now those same libs will not give his policies credit even though they have seen tax cuts under three presidents result in an economic recovery (JFK, Reagan and W. Bush).

Then just as I am thinking about this Obama comes out and claims that Porkulus is working as intended. My first snarky thought was to post that I guess his plan was to destroy the country after all and that it is working; however, I will avoid that approach. Obama explains his claim the stimulus is working by pointing to the number of jobs "saved" and proposing that state budget deficits would be twice as much as they are now. I know other bloggers have thumped Obama for brazenly using the "created or saved" rhetoric when it comes to jobs. I would point to the shame of the media and pundits because weeks later Obama is still using references to "saved" jobs with a straight face and no fear of ridicule. If they had one ounce of consistency, they would have universally ridiculed him just as they would have if Bush had made such an asinine statement. Shame on the media for deriding Bush for his misguided "heckuva job" praise and turning a blind eye to Obama making an equally foolish statement by praising a plan that has and will continue to make things worse.



  • At 2:37 PM, Blogger SkyePuppy said…

    I love reading the comments on the bigger blogs when the blogger criticizes the media's coverage of Obama. Whenever they try to make the comparison, "If Bush said/did this, the media's reaction would be the opposite," the lefty commenters go ballistic and say it's a totally different issue and the critic is just avoiding the facts. I love it! It's a reflex as reliable as watching the doctor's hammer hit the patient's knee.


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