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Monday, June 13, 2005

Tell the G8 to tax newspapers

Apparently the G8 wants to tax airline tickets all over the world to send financial aid to Africa. First, this is yet another shameless attempt to get their hands into the pockets of America. There are two main reasons that the US should resist taxation from any agency outside our borders: sovereignty and corruption. To yield even a fraction of our sovereignty would be the greatest debacle since the creation of the UN. Whenever the yielding of sovereignty is discussed they never look first to China, Russia, Iran, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, etc. No, they look first to the US since their goal is to with one stroke both weaken the US as well as extract our hard earned money. While they insist on holding onto their socialism with an iron grip to their financial doom, and cursing our capitalism - they have no problem asking for our capitalist dollars.

Another critical reason to resist any encroachment on our dollars or power is the massive corruption that exists among world bodies - corruption with no accountability. In our country we at least have a chance to defeat corruption at the ballot box. Where the rest of the world would love to weaken the US, there would be no restraint on their taking action to do just that once their foot is in the door.

Finally, of all things to tax - the already financially challenged airline industry??What do these guys use for brains. If they are going to tax an industry, I say we push to tax newspapers and magazine publications. Consider it a taxation on anti-americanism.


  • At 9:20 PM, Blogger Whatever said…

    Couldnt agree more. However, I would have to imagine that a tax on a US carrier would have to go through the Congress, so at least we would get the chance to vote out the bumbs if they passed this tax.


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