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Monday, June 13, 2005

Winning and losing

The Democratic Party has in my opinion taken a strategic position in their political game. Each party has goals and rules they play by. Republicans want to win elections but do not seem too worried about winning in their agenda. Democrats seem willing to continue losing elections, but insist on winning in the agenda war. Republicans want to play a gentlemen's game and the Democrats believe all's fair in love and war. The fact is after winning a majority of election cycles in the last 25 years, the Republicans have not only failed to keep the country from lurching left they have participated in the process. Most major liberal victories have come at the hands of a Republican or group of them: David Souter, failure to enact the nuclear option, Jumping Jeffords, no child left behind, illegal immigration encouragements, etc. Republicans seem so prone to compromise while Democrats dig in their heels and never say die. In summary, the lines of winning and losing are not clearly defined. It seems to many conservatives that the elected Republicans are the puppet kings for the Democrats.


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