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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Logical conclusion - media prefers wrong to right

When you look at the good habits and principles in George Bush's life and how the media reacts to them, what possible conclusion can you draw other than the media prefers wrong to right.


- Does not hide the fact that he is a man of faith and incorporates his faith daily
- Says he will do something and actually does it
- Is led by principle instead of polls
- Faithfully exercises on a regular basis, keeping in great shape
- Displays great love and affection for his wife and is faithful to her

If we were talking about an average person on the street, most people would say the person had some admirable traits and habits. Yet the media obsesses over these items and casts them in a bad light every chance they get. Compare Bush to Clinton on these items and where Clinton fell short on all of these items the media was a staunch defender for him. We have one leader who (politics aside) sets a great personal example, and a previous leader who set a terrible example at nearly every turn during his presidency. Yet the media cannot even bring themselves to give Bush an ounce of credit for this without spinning into something bad.

Logical conclusion the media we are asked to trust prefers wrong to right.


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