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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Another democrat gets a pass

Louisiana governor Blanco appeared before the Senate Finance Committee . Prior to going she requested not to be questioned about her response to the hurricane and they rolled over. There are several points here:

1) If they are truly trying to determine what went wrong so it can be prevented in the future, allowing this dodge was very irresponsible. The link between the state and federal governments is critical in the response. If it is not discussed, underlying problems cannot be fixed in that process.

2) Next election I think we will see this used in her opponent's campaign. I can see the commercial "Blanco was too afraid to take questions from the Senate and requested a pass"

While this may not have been the forum to meticulously go over these details, the Finance committee has financial oversight. To ask for funds without discussing areas that pertain to fiscal responsibility is a mistake. "Don't bother me with questions, just write the check."


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