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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Military critics lack logic

If liberals held themselves to the same standard they hold others, they would call for mass resignations in our education system. The standard they hold the military is that bad apples in the military means the president and his entire administration should resign. They point to the "torture" at Gitmo and other places. They are now pointing to some soldiers taking pictures of Iraqi corpses and distributing them. Somehow this institution of thousands is not entitled to having bad apples like other institutions such as our education system.

In our education system, for years there have been male sexual predators. Now there are female predators seducing elementary school boys. There are child pornographers, drug addicts, thieves, and other various bad elements. The same analogy would apply to student behaviors, where you have bullies, murderers such as those at Columbine, rapists, etc. Should there be massive resignations because of these anamolies?

Liberals inconsistently apply their criticism and outrage. Usually the most vitriolic criticism is for those trying to do the right thing but in some areas fall short. At the same time liberals have a historical track record of turning a blind eye to some of society's most evil elements such as Lenin, Stalin, Mau Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Sadaam Hussein, Muhammed Atta, Daniel Ortega, Arafat, Chavez and Castro. Because of their track record in these people, liberal outrage is a laughable joke. They pass up the log to criticize the spec.


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