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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Harry Reid hits the panic button

It must be tough for the Democrats as they see Bush go from the worst month of his presidency to gaining momentum in just a few days. Harry must have realized the Dems were going from predators to jokers in just a few days and has latched on to the pet conspiracy theories of the left, that the Bush administration purposefully misled the country on WMD leading to war in Iraq. Seeing that momentum was in Bush's favor, Harry hit the panic button to pursue the loony angle forcing a closed door session in the Senate.

The senate has had rules of courtesy that have been observed for a long time. One of those is that the minority and majority leaders will not pull sruprise tactics like this on each other. Throwing tradition to the wind and disdaining the "cooling saucer" position of the Senate in politics, Reid surprised Frist by calling the session.

The loss of power has been a thorn in the side of Democrats and the sudden loss of momentum as they fantasized about gains in '06 must have been too much to take. The fact is that Democrat gains of any significance in '06 is a pipe dream. They have no ideas, no plans and no leaders. They are slaves to the far left fringe because of the corner they have backed themselves into. Bush has so marginalized them they have no message except to criticize the GOP. Howard Dean is claiming the GOP is corrupt and so the people will come to the Democrats. The memories of the American people are not so short that they would think the Democrats are the high road party. The Dems are hungry, weak and frustrated. Not a good climate for strategy.


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