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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Agenda above truth

I have posted before about how the political culture has bred a group of mindless supporters willing to tell the most ridiculous and unbelievable lies, but the fanatic fringe and even the media is willing lap the lies up.

I have linked the title to a story about Jimmy Massey, who is a former marine staff sgt. that came back from Iraq with outrageous claims of troop misconduct. Actually, the outrageous claims remind me of John Kerry's slandarous claims when he came back from Vietnam.

While in every country and every war no matter how admirable the whole is, there are always bad apples who cannot deal with war or the power a gun in hand provides. That happens and is to be dealt with when proven. However to make these claims about US forces takes a sick mind. Jimmy Massey makes the following claims to push his obvious agenda:

  • Marines fired on and killed peaceful Iraqi protesters
  • Americans shot a 4-year-old Iraqi girl in the head
  • A tractor-trailer was filled with the bodies of civilian men, women and children killed by American artillery
Massey's claims have been dicredited by his own words, the words of fellow troops and 5 journalists embedded in his unit. This did not prevent serial America slandering national publications such as "Vanity Fair and USA Today, as well as numerous broadcast reports" and " News organizations worldwide" from blindly reporting Massey's claims without verification.

Massey own words involve a continuous M.O. of making claims of being an eyewitness, then changing the story later that the incidents he speaks of were told to him by others and that he never actually saw them. Massey even lied about losing a job at a furniture store due to his anti-war stance. Then in a later interview, he states that he left on good terms and was not pressured to leave.

The fact is that people like Massey, Joe Wilson and others have exhibited a pattern of being willing to lie, have in their own words later discredited themselves, and yet continue to be held up by a media with an agenda to bring Bush down and recreate a Vietnam. It is a shame that we are in an era where we can't trust that the "truth will prevail", but rather that the side that has the best strategy and the best propoganda machine will prevail.


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