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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Puzzle pieces that need to fit together

The last post was a building block to this concept of open puzzle pieces that are centered around a potential Bush administration long term strategy. When you look at the pieces, you must either come to the conclusion that a) those in the administration including Rove are stupid b) they are not stupid but the current media climate does not allow them to effectively communicate their goals and actions c) the seeming weakness, hesitation and lack of communication is part of a long term strategy.

The pieces of the puzzle are:

  • In spite of liberal and media efforts to portray him otherwise, Bush is very intelligent and has surrounded himself with master strategists
  • In spite of public discussion, ridicule, media potshots, etc. about Bush's communication style, he has done nothing to improve it. In fact of late his communication is almost a caricature of the those items pointed out before.
  • The war in Iraq could easily be effectively communicated as both being needed and worth the effort and cost, but the Bush administration has not attempted to do so.
  • In spite of a seeming weak communicative front, eventually things seem to "just happen" that end in a victory to Bush. The best example seems to be regarding the court appointments.
  • Public opinion has greatly eroded against Bush since the elections of last year with very little resistance or attempt to bolster them.
  • The strange attempt at having the lowest possible punishment for the very serious national security breach of Sandy Berger.
  • Not answering the lame charge of leaking Valerie Plame's name and "covert" status to the media to undermine and get back at Joe Wilson. The very words and actions of Joe Wilson could be directly challenged and more effectively undermine him.
  • Not publicly challenging the credibility of Joe Wilson with his own words, when it could easily have been done.
I could add many related puzzle pieces to this list, but a continuing theme is the lack of the Bush administration defending actions that are easily defendable, while his liberal counterparts get bolder and rasher in their attacks on him. From a sideline perspective, it has been frustrating to see this lack of self-defense. In recent weeks, however, facts are starting to surface and events starting to unfold that are beginning to look like a "springing of a trap". The liberals have stuck their necks out so far on many anti-Bush fronts, that a complete and total discrediting is possible given the right circumstances and effective communication of them.

We are seeing liberal reporters like Andrea Mitchell restraining themselves from partaking of the cool-aid. It is almost like they know the trap will close down on whoever has been involved. The liberal fringe affectionately referred to as "moonbats" are continuing to plod on with their clueless jargon and seem to have roped some key Democrats like Harry Reid to begin to do their bidding. The pieces are beginning to fit together, and the conclusion that Bush is stupid is not a good fit here. The results could almost be Apochryphal against the Democrats, if I am reading things correctly.


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