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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Why do the bad apples always want to spoil the whole bunch?

It is always amazing that when you have something good, one or more bad apples want to ruin it. The bad apple is never content to be the lone bad apple. Instead they must corrupt those around them. Some examples would be:

  • A religious leader who does not even believe the tenets of the religion he/she is a leader of. There are many christian leaders who do not believe the Bible, the supernatural elements, the work and resurrection of Christ. Many do not even believe in God. Why would they stay a leader in a church that stands for the things he does not believe?
  • We see in teenage peer pressure that the 'bad' teen does not content himself with being bad, but must encourage his friends to participate in his badness.
  • In a country like the US where capitalism has made us a strong economic and military power, those in this country want to change us into a weak socialist country like those in Europe. Why do they work so hard to take something good and turn it into something bad.
Go to another country if you don't like the country you are in. Go to another church or religion if you don't like the one you are in. We are not talking about small changes for the better, here. We are talking about circumstances where the changes the bad apples want actually change the kind or genre of the institution. The analogy could be the difference between going to a plastic surgeon for a nose job and a mad scientist changing you from human to a gorilla.

The fact is that the American economy gives the weaker socialist countries of Europe and Canada the ability to be what they are. Look what happens to the European economies when the US economy is in recession. If the US would turn socialist like these people want, the certain economic downturn that would happen in the US would throw the economy of the world into a tailspin. Other countries can play their games of taking from the rich to give to the poor, but in the case of the US the world cannot afford the ensuing catastrophe if we join the game.


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