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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dems check their inventory for one to discuss ethics and select....Kennedy

The Dems took a close look at their inventory of politicians to see who is best qualified to lecture Bush on ethics and they select (drum roll) Ted Kennedy. Kennedy, whose challenged liver has somehow managed to survive another day, went on with Tim Russert to denounce the ethical challenges in the Bush administration and denounce them.

First, the Dems continue to accuse Bush of unproven scandal after unproven scandal. Then Kennedy claims that Bush has subjected the country to "scandal after scandal". Someone needs to tap him on the shoulder and remind him that just because the Dems say something doesn't make it so. It is the equivalent of the Dems planting fog machines in place after place and then crying "where there is smoke there must be fire".

Of course, a restrained media (a media that both wants to be restrained and is restrained) would be responsible and cease from making outrageous, unproven claims a newsworthy item. Before shoving a microphone under the nose of any politician that wants to state a ridiculous charge as fact, they should do their fact checking first. Under a democrat administration the media showed great restraint, yet under the Bush administration they report every whiff of accusation as gospel.

We can only hope that the American people are informed enough to meet the claim of poor ethics by one such as Ted Kennedy with the peals of laughter it deserves.


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