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Saturday, November 05, 2005

CNN takes off kick me sign to lead with a military victory story

I was quite surprised and astonished to see this story at the top of the news lists. I of course scanned the story for the usual bias gotchas here and there and I must admit I could not find any. The story was upbeat, showed key positive elements and seemed to give an impression of being happy for the success.

Here are some key points:

- Leads with description of the success:
"Dozens of insurgents were killed Saturday on the first day of Operation Steel Curtain, a U.S.-Iraqi military offensive near the Syrian border, military officials said."

- Shows the important purpose of getting ready for the elections:
"The operation comes in the largely Sunni Muslim region in advance of Iraq's parliamentary election, set for December 15."
- Shows the resolve of our armed forces to liberate the people of Iraq from the insurgency:

'Marine Lt. Col. Dale Alford of the 3rd Battalion said the operation was launched "to liberate the town."

"We'll continue to push and liberate this city," he said.'

'Alford said "we are steadily cleaning the city out" and have faced "pockets of resistance throughout the day." '
- Shows the care to protect the civilians and attempt to meet their needs:
"Military officials said civilians have been evacuated to a secure sector of the city and have been provided food, blankets and heaters."
- Shows cooperation and gratitude of the Iraqi people:
' "For the most part, once we move through these towns that we've done over the last month, people seem to be happy that we're here," Alford said.

He said the "people were telling us who the bad guys are and we have forces all around the city over the last month gathering intelligence also." '

- Shows a joint effort between US troops and trained Iraqis:

' Operation Steel Curtain includes 3,000 U.S. Marines, soldiers and sailors and 550 Iraqi soldiers. It's the latest in a series of operations this year in Anbar province and follows others such as operations Fist and River Gate.

The U.S. military, in its news release, said "elements of the 1st Brigade, 1st Iraqi Army Division, and specially trained scout platoons recruited from the Al Qaim region" will help fight these adversaries. '

I am happy to see such a story on CNN and wish that all media outlets would rally behind our troops. I have maintained that if the US and world body would express support for our troops and the budding democracy in Iraq while denouncing the insurgency this war would come to a close fast. CNN good job this time. Kudos.


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