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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Trent this is not the time to go wobbly

I was quite impressed to see that Bill Frist actually had a pulse after the temper tantrum by Harry Reid yesterday. I think his voice actually had a little emotion in it. I get weary of the Senate, Dems and GOP, who all seem to have a great need for some prune juice. Wouldn't it be great to have the same forum as the UK parliament; where they are popping up and down in spirited conversation instead of droning on and on?

Anyway, prior to Reids "Gee whiz guys, can't we ever win" event Trent Lott and other GOP were starting to go wobbly on Karl Rove; questioning and speculating his future in the administration. The fact is some Republicans don't know how to accept victory and maximize it. I don't know if they think it shows they are not gloating, or that they are gentlemen. To the rest of us it shows they are not strong and confident in their positions.

In high school sports, when you were demolishing the other team the coach would start putting in second and third string players to be a good sport. This is honorable in sports, but foolish in politics; especially when the other side would do no such thing for you.

This last kindergarten trick by Reid shows who and what the Dems are. There can be no more quid pro quo, no mutual back scratching, no quarter. They have started this fight and we must finish it with strong ideas and strong words. It is time to stand up and defend the actions and policies of this administration instead of letting the Dems define it. When it comes to the realm of ideas, conservatism always wins in a fair fight. The media has not allowed a fair fight, but this is not the '80s. Just think what Reagan could have accomplished with talk radio and the internet to break past the filter of the MSM. We have those now and we must use them with strenth, and not go wobbly.


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