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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Malott and the Gathering Gloom

Please do yourself a favor for a great laugh and go over to Malott's Blog to read a very funny skit he has on his blog and I think he wrote. It is a script about a discussion with senior Democrats in a room planning their strategy in the light of recent events. It is very funny (at least to a conservative).

Here are a couple of lines to wet your appetite:
Ted: Uh... Let's all head on over to the Hawk and Dove Bar. Uh... I'll drive.
Harry: Our best stuff isn't working. The phone-tap accusations are going nowhere. I think the stupid fly-over hicks like having their phones tapped.
There are a couple of subtle references to Joe Biden and his knack for plagurism that are done very well and the ending is a crack up so I won't spoil it. Enjoy.


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