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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Media mountain of trash - Part II

This is part II of analysis of more media fraudulant photos. The first was a staged body recovery from the wreckage of an attack in Tyre, Lebanon. The second photo Michelle Malkin exposes is from the cover of US News. It is supposed to be a fiery/smoky photo of a downed Israeli jet. A member of Hezbollah stands in front of the blaze holding his gun and trying to look cool in his sunglasses. However, when the photo is blown up we see what is really going on. The place is actually a garbage dump. You can see many unburned tires on the right leading up to the fire. So basically, this is a tire fire. When tires burn, they give off this dramatic fiery blaze with billowing smoke (no photoshopping required).

This photo moves out of the arena of a picture being taken and changed later. From the position of the where the picture is taken the smell of burning tires cannot be hidden. They were likely gagging on it. To see that the stage was set, then add a photo of a Hezbollah fighter in almost a heroic context is premeditated manipulation beyond measure.

The two photos in part I and II were shown in multiple outlets. Photo I was shown in the New York Times and NPR(at least NPR clarified the young man was "hurt"). Photo II was on the cover of US News and also in Time magazine. So now when it comes to photo fraud we have Reuters, AP, NYT, NPR, US News and Time caught. There is no clear attempt to aggressively root out this problem (as the firing of Hajj is merely a band-aid). The mountain of trash is being piled up and it is only a matter of time before it is figuratively set ablaze. The world and media sympathy is so chokingly obviously against Israel and in favor of terrorist groups. Their minds are so cemented in this template that they either are complicit in fronting the fraud or incapable of detecting it. A bank teller handles genuine currency all day, day after day. When a counterfeit is placed in their hand, it is easy to for them to detect it. It should be the same with the media. The results we are seeing is evidence that instead, they are too often handling counterfeits which robs them of the sensitization required to detect it.

We often hear of how the media is manipulated by tyrranical governments. How sad it is that in a free society instead of the government forcing manipulation we have the media doing it voluntarily to support the slavery of an agenda they have traded their freedom for. It is a poor trade in my book.


  • At 4:47 PM, Blogger Bitman said…

    Sorry, but nowhere do I see the claim that the background is an israeli jet. It's a fire with a "solider" in front. What caused the fire who the soldier is posing for, the PICTURE itself doesn't say.

    Artificial - yes. But claing that the fire must be interpreted as a down fighter-jet seems pretty far fetched.

    The first victim in war is "truth". We're fed false and misleading information all over. From both sides. No doubt about it. Anyone who takes all claims from one side as factual statements is factually making mistakes.

    That's why I love reading the blogs. It gives us such an easy access to different sources.

  • At 6:13 PM, Blogger All_I_Can_Stands said…

    Bitman, thanks for commenting. The downed Jet fighter comes from the tag in Time magazine according to the Michellemalkin post I linked to.

    US News does not claim it is the result of a downed Jet fighter, so I should have been more clear. Thanks for pointing it out.

    In either event, US News is giving a false impression of context and the photo is obviously staged.


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